The great demotions

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As we grow and learn more about the vastness and complexity of the universe, we are continually being “demoted” from a position of cosmic privilege to one of profound interdependency.

Individual growth and development follows a similar course. Each of us must learn that we are not the center of the universe. Our thoughts, wishes, and desires do not directly influence events, nor can we control the thoughts and feelings of those around us. We can’t make anyone love us, and we can’t prevent anyone from leaving us. As we grow into maturity, we are tasked with letting go of our individual conceits and facing down our own narcissism. Learning to be flexible requires letting go of the need for control. Learning to truly see others requires letting go of our expectations. Learning to love means developing the ability to value others – not just for their similarities to ourselves – but also for their differences.


We have good reason for humility.”

– Carl Sagan

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