Job Description of a Psychoanalytic Therapist

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What do psychoanalyss really do?When most people think of a “Psychoanalytic Therapist,” they imagine Sigmund Freud, an uncomfortable-looking couch in a smoky parlor, or maybe the long-suffering neurotic characters of Woody Allen movies.

Alas, psychoanalytic psychotherapy has been lampooned and caricatured mercilessly…and not entirely without good reason. For decades, psychoanalysts didn’t feel the need to make their work understandable to the public. In the space where real information should have been, ridiculous ideas about psychoanalytic therapy took up residence instead.

So what does a psychoanalytic therapist really do? As it turns out, MUCH has changed since the days of Sigmund Freud.

Psychoanlytic therapies have evolved with changes in our scientific, philosophical, and cultural understanding of the world.

Allan Gois, MA, a psychoanalytic therapist in London, provides a nice explanation. Follow the link below to read more. You might be surprised!

…confusion takes place when I try to explain…what a psychotherapist actually does. Maybe they expect something pragmatic, or perhaps it’s my inability to articulate what I do in not-so-philosophical terms, but people often look puzzled, as though they would never be able to understand how psychotherapy works and what the therapist’s role is.

Here’s the link: Job Description of a Psychotherapist

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